Ji Hyunjung, Choi Junyoung and Lee Hojeong by Bo Lee for Cosmopolitan Korea Jan 2013


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Nicola Lo Calzo


“Morgante” interweaves the personal stories of individuals linked by a common denominator: being dwarfs. “Morgante”, ironically nicknamed the Giant in the poem of the same name by Louis Pulci, was the most famous of the five dwarfs at the court of the Medicis in Florence. According to the codes of the time, the dwarf Morgante was portrayed as a “monstrum”.

Thus dehumanized and stripped of his personality, he appears in paintings of Bronzino and sculptures of Giambologna. Progressively he becomes an idea, an archetype, and a looking glass through which “the human family” will regard diversity for centuries to come. Using the literary and artistic inspiration photographer Nicola Lo Calzo has created “Morgante”, a moving gallery of portraits depicting the universe of little people, a highly marginalized category in some African countries. Often associated with witchcraft, people with dwarfism live in a semi-clandestine state, subjected daily to all kinds of psychological violence.

Lo Calzo photographed his models in private situations, at home, at work or in the street. In Lo Calzo’s photographs, Fidel, Kwedi, Babel are not victims of their size. On the contrary, they are the primary agents of their lives, protagonists of the scene represented.

In these terms, the photographer questions the conventional representation of diversity, self-esteem and self-acceptance: his models gaze directly into the camera as if intentionally searching the eyes of their viewers. They fully assume the role of actors and directors of their own lives. In some African societes still deeply polarized around the concept of normal and abnormal, good and evil, tradition and modernity, “Morgante” is an invitation to break this archetype of “monster” and come to full recognition of diversity. (artist statement)


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a nonsensical stream of consciousness. postpartum, it also reminded me of this quote:

"and if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you." —Nietzsche  

when it comes down to it, though, i just want to draw things in voids and deserts.  


Instagram roundup of my favorite commissions from Heroescon.

The con was EXHAUSTING but I’m already sad that it’s over. Drawing cool requests at a table while people say nice things to you and hand you money is WAY MORE FUN than real work. Plus I got to sit next to Kris, Kevin, and Babs all day, and they are basically the greatest people to be found on this little world. Thanks to everyone who came out to see us! I plan on hitting WAY more shows next year.


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